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Negligent Security Seminar | March 2015

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    Negligent Security and Violent Crimes

    John Leighton began litigating and trying negligent security cases in the mid-1980s. This was a time when mall owners and property managers claimed that having security would “scare off” customers. 


    Undeterred, Mr. Leighton continued to represent victims of crime.  When defendants would not settle, he tried the cases. And won. His record of winning substantial verdicts and settlements in negligent security and sex abuse cases continues today.  As a pioneer in negligent security litigation, Mr. Leighton has lectured to lawyers in over a dozen states.  He has written the leading textbook in the field, Litigating Premises Security Cases, and has published many articles in peer-reviewed journals.

    He chairs the Association of Trial Lawyers of America/American Association for Justice’s Inadequate Security Litigation Group and is the past President of the National Crime Victim Bar Association.  His verdicts have been documented in the media and have been the subject of book chapters, analyzing his trial skills and outstanding results.

    Representing victims of crime and survivors of sexual abuse required a victim-oriented approach to lawyering.  Attorneys Leighton and Panoff focus on the needs of each client and then aggressively fight for their client’s interest.

    By listening to our clients, and combining that with 38 years worth of experience, hard work, and highly skilled lawyering, we are able to achieve the very best recoveries for our clients.  These include verdicts of $49 million and $24 million, as well and many very substantial settlements. 

    We have recovered substantial recoveries in cases of sexual assaults, robberies, shootings, muggings, mass shootings, stabbings and batteries.  There is almost no type of case we have not handled like this, though each and every case has different facts.  We never forget that just like the facts, our clients are unique.  Each client comes with their own background, needs and desires.  We work closely with our clients and provide advice and legal input to achieve the best recovery possible.

    Leighton Panoff Law’s Client-Centered Approach

    At Leighton Panoff Law, we evaluate hundreds of negligent security cases each year.  Because of their complexity and the uniqueness of every case, we choose a limited number of cases to take on.  Because of our client-centered approach to violent crime and security cases, we give each case individual attention.

    As the case begins, clients are in regular contact with our office.  They received updates and advice on what steps will take place next.  They are consulted and asked for their input on a regular basis.

    We begin thinking about the trial of the case the first time we sit down with our clients.  Our approach involves thinking dozens of steps ahead of where we are at any given point in time.  Because we have over 38 years of experience in reviewing, investigating, litigating, negotiating and trying security cases, we can anticipate defenses and develop our proof with that in mind.

    At Leighton Panoff Law, our goal is to obtain the very best outcome for each client.  Everyone’s needs and desires are different. That’s why we communicate with our clients to determine the best approach for them. Sometimes that is through a pretrial settlement, and sometimes that is going to trial and having a jury award damages.


    Highly Skilled Lawyering + Hard Work = Best Chance for Success

    By using a thorough, detailed and client-oriented approach, and retaining the most respected and skilled expert witnesses in the country, we aggressively litigate security and sex abuse cases.  Mr. Leighton has been hired by other lawyers to litigate security cases in other states because of our success.

    Mr. Leighton and Mr. Panoff regularly teach other trial lawyers throughout the country on negligent security and sex abuse cases, as well as deposition and trial skills.  Mr. Leighton has chaired many colleges and seminars for the National College of Advocacy, Association of Trial Lawyers of America and American Association for Justice. 

    For some examples of verdicts and settlements obtained by Leighton Panoff Law, please click on any of the cases under NEGLIGENT SECURITY AND VIOLENT CRIMES.  Remember that every case is different and the witnesses and facts of each differ.  Because we are thorough, experienced and aggressive, we are often able to recover more for our clients in a settlement than they might otherwise recovery through trial.

    Our goal is to obtain the very best recovery for our clients.  We will never stop until we achieve that goal.


    Disclaimer: The information about past verdicts and settlements of the firm’s cases are based on the unique facts of each case. These amounts reflect the gross recovery in each case (before attorneys fees, expenses and medical costs are deducted).  Although these results were obtained by our firm, they may not indicate the success or value of any other case.  By clicking on Verdicts and Settlements you are acknowledging that each case is unique and must be evaluated on its own merits. The information contained here has not been reviewed or approved by The Florida Bar.


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