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Negligent Security Seminar | March 2015

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    Confidential Settlement – Shooting Death at Apartment Complex

    Apartment complexes can provide a secure living environment or one that is rife with crime.  Most apartments are defensible spaces, meaning that they can be secured if reasonable precautions are taken. Unfortunately too many landlords cut costs by limiting, reducing or eliminating security, or by failing to consider all of the available means to prevent crime.

    John Leighton negotiated a confidential settlement for the family of a man shot and killed at his apartment complex in Miami, Florida. The apartments sat in a very high-crime area of the city, though there had never been a violent crime on the premises. One night after returning home from work, the victim was shot and killed by unknown assailant(s), as the crime was unwitnessed. The man’s estate recognized the need to retain an apartment complex crime lawyer and contacted Leighton Panoff Law to explore their legal options. Upon reviewing the crime scene, police reports, and other documentation, John Leighton agreed to pursue the matter.
    Leighton Panoff Law represented the estate of this apartment crime victim and was able to successfully negotiate a settlement to compensate his survivors for their loss.


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