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Negligent Security Seminar | March 2015

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    $5,550,000 recovery – Premises liability due to electrocution – death

    When someone moves into a new house they have a right to expect that it was properly constructed and safe.  This is especially true in a multi-million dollar waterfront home in a prestigious area of Florida.  Unfortunately one family learned the greatest tragedy: their gorgeous new home was a dangerous trap which killed the family patriarch. Construction defects can be minor or major.  Even seemingly small mistakes can have deadly outcomes, which is particularly true with electrical wiring issues.

    John Elliott Leighton represented the wife and children of a business executive who was killed due to electrocution.  He and his wife were sitting in the spa in their recently completed luxury home. One of the landscape lights next to the pool was shining in their eyes. The lighting was supposed to be low voltage and properly wired and grounded.  He got out of the spa to adjust the light and was electrocuted.  His electrocution death was caused by defective wiring during the construction.  The general contractor, electrical contractor, and all sub contractors were named as defendants in this wrongful death suit.

    Mr. Leighton engaged the services of experts in construction and electrical engineering to prove that these businesses had failed to properly install, test and inspect this system, which directly caused the electrocution death of Mr. Batz.

    After litigation, Mr. Leighton obtained a settlement of $5,550,000 on behalf of the man’s wife and three sons, recovering the full insurance policy limits of all contractors and sub contractors prior to trial. Estate of Batz v. First Florida, et al.

    This is an example of how negligence can destroy a family.  One day this family was enjoying the fruits of their labor, having just had their new home constructed.  The next day they were burying their father and husband.  Clearly the regulatory system of the counties is ineffective in preventing tragic and unnecessary death.  Fortunately the family’s financial future was secured by the success of the lawsuit.



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      How much is :