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Negligent Security Seminar | March 2015

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    Confidential Settlement – Mass shooting at shopping center

    As mass shootings become more frequent, so too does the recognition that these crimes are preventable.  Reasonable measures can prevent, deter or minimize mass shootings.  But many businesses and property owners fail to take even the most basic precautions to protect people.

    Leighton Law’s John Leighton was retained to represent the families of several victims of a mass shooting.  A mentally ill man went to a shopping center in central Florida and opened fire in a store.  His goal was to kill his girlfriend.  Instead he killed several other customers and seriously injured others, including employees and bystanders.  He then fled from the scene, killed another person, and committed suicide.

    This was a tragedy of epic proportions.  Mr. Leighton was brought in by several lawyers representing families to investigate the case, work with experts in the field of negligent security, and determine whether a premises security case should be brought against the property and managers.  After extensive investigation, a strategy was developed, facts were obtained that indicated a failure of security at the premises.  There was a failure to follow reasonable policies, keep doors locked that were intende dto be locked, and failed to act on prior threats.

    Mr. Leighton negotiated a confidential settlement with the owners and operators of the shopping center for inadequate security on behalf of the families of several of the victims. He was able to work with attorneys on both sides, including lawyers for other victims as well as the defense counsel, to obtain a fair recovery for these families. This brought financial security to families who had lost loved ones and created an incentive for better security at malls and shopping centers.

    Leighton Law and Mr. Leighton have been on the forefront of representing survivors of mass shootings and criminal violence for over 30 years.  Our commitment to crime victims is evidenced in the work we do, our victim-centered representation, and our understanding of trial skills to maximize our clients’ recoveries in violent crime cases.


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