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Negligent Security Seminar | March 2015

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    $9,000,000 settlement – brain damage suffered in hospital

    What happens when someone goes into the hospital for what they are told is a routine procedure and they come out in a vegetative state?

    Our client was a wife and mother of young children.  Following a routine surgical procedure, she sustained brain damage when she was improperly monitored and resuscitated during anesthesia. What was supposed to be a minor procedure cost this woman her life and took the mother from her three children.  A caring wife and teacher, she now requires 24 hour care and cannot speak, eat or walk.  She is in a persistent vegetative state.

    A confidential $9,000,000 settlement was obtained by John Elliott Leighton to provide lifetime care for this wonderful family.  Jane Doe v. Anonymous Hospital.

    By reconstructing the events at the hospital forensic analysis of the hospital chart, medical research and examination, and aggressive lawyering, our firm was able to figure out what happened to this woman and obtain the financial security to help her husband and children care for her.  The family decided against putting her in a facility and instead had an addition built on their home to allow her to stay close to her husband and children.

    Medical mistakes can have tragic consequences.


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      How much is :