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    $650,000 verdict – shooting of convenience store clerk

    The problem of crime at 24 hour convenience stores is huge.  They are considered crime magnets because they attract crime.  Especially late at night, where else would a criminal look to steal money? Under cover of darkness, certain members of society act as if their needs are greater than the rest of us.

    When a hard-working man was shot and killed during a robbery at a convenience store in Miami’s Coconut Grove neighborhood, the family hired John Leighton. The man worked at the gas station/convenience store, which was located in a high crime section of the otherwise upscale Coconut Grove area.  The location had been the site of prior robberies and shootings.  So much so that business had a policy that advised employees like this man to stay in his enclosed booth during nighttime hours.  Then he spotted a customer being robbed at gunpoint.  After the robber fled, the customer was standing by his car when yet another man attempted to rob him. Two robberies right after each other!  At that point our client left the booth and yelled out that the man had already been robbed and had nothing left.  That’s when the robber fired his gun at the clerk, killing him.

    John Elliott Leighton took on the operator of the facility and won a $650,000 verdict in Miami-Dade Circuit Court for the shooting of this convenience store clerk.


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      How much is :