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The Ultimate Guide to Car Accidents

Car accidents often involve collisions between vehicles or the impact of vehicles against fixed objects, such as trees and buildings. The injuries sustained in car crashes can become permanent disabilities, and car accidents can even result in death.

In the United States, 38,824 deaths happened due to car accidents just in the year 2020, according to government reports. Further research indicates that drunk driving causes 32 deaths every day in the United States. Disability and death are common in car accidents.

Loss of wages, permanent disabilities, reduced working capacity, medical expenses, and other damages can be recovered by your car crash lawyer while you work to recover your health.

What are car accident injuries?

The extent of injuries sustained during a car accident, combined with the liability causing the crash and the amount of insurance available, determines the amount of compensation that your lawyer can reasonably demand or recover from a jury. Insurance companies always work to give you less than you deserve, so it’s best to hire a car crash lawyer to get fair compensation.

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Different parts of your body can get injured in a car accident, including your limbs, knees, neck, and head. The accident may damage your joints, bones, muscles, and nerves, resulting in paralysis. There’s a possibility that you will lose limbs, and you may get a permanent disability.

It’s not uncommon to suffer from burns and scars because of a car accident. Specific injuries can take multiple surgeries and years of rehabilitation on the road to recovery. From whiplash to spinal cord injuries, car accidents may result in all types of injuries.

Your own insurance may not cover every car accident injury, but that doesn’t mean you can’t seek rightful compensation for such an injury. Your car crash lawyer can contact the negligent party’s insurance company for the remaining compensation. And when the at-fault party does not carry insurance, or does not carry enough for your injuries, an experienced Florida car accident lawyer will look to see whether you had available uninsured motorist coverage (UM) or whether there was another party that caused or contributed to the crash.

Building a car accident case

Going through a car crash is a traumatic experience, but you must take practical steps for your car accident claim. Speak with law enforcement officers on the crash scene to learn as much as possible. Don’t forget to talk to witnesses and get their contact information.

Do not discuss the accident with anyone until you have spoken with your attorney.  You do not want your statements being used against you later even if you think you know what to say.  You may not have all the information available. You may commit yourself to something that will come back to hurt you.  All skilled trial lawyers will tell you not to talk to anyone until you have spoken with your attorney.

Take photos of the car crash site after calling the police and helping the injured if you are able.

In Florida it’s illegal for anyone to contact you in this regard until 30 days after the car crash. You shouldn’t accept any offer that comes just after this period either. The negligent party’s insurance company may attempt to offer you a bad deal. Their job is to NOT pay you what you deserve.

Negligence in car accidents

Car accidents often happen because of negligent drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. An investigation is required to determine who’s responsible for the car accident you got injured in. If you’re filing a car accident claim, your lawyer must prove you weren’t negligent. Things that seem simple almost never are.  There are many subtle issues in every car accident case.

Many of the car accidents that take place are the fault of a distracted drivers. A driver, such as a child, can be distracted by a passenger, but they’re often distracted by their smartphones. Texting and driving are common causes of car accidents across the United States.

Sometimes, it’s not the driver’s fault because they try to avoid hitting an irresponsible pedestrian. If a person came running in front of their car, the driver could swerve to save them and crash into another vehicle due to their sudden decision. There may be an obstruction preventing the driver from seeing the road ahead, or there might be some other external distraction or even a “phantom vehicle” (one that leaves the scene) that causes the crash.

Passengers, distracting the driver in one way or another, can also be the culprits behind car accidents. In other cases, the driver is intoxicated and makes the poor choice of getting behind the wheel, putting themselves and others at risk.

Getting a car accident lawyer

You want to act quickly in hiring a skilled car accident lawyer.  Why is that important to hire a lawyer quickly?  Because evidence disappears. Witnesses are lost or the insurance company gets to them and gets them to give a statement favorable to their driver.  Surveillance video is recorded over.  Skid marks wash away.  Cars are repaired or junked.  There are many things that need to be done at the outset to properly prepare your case, you do not want to be playing catch up.  You want to be proactive and make sure that you have a top notch lawyer who has experience in handling serious cases.  They can then immediately initiate an investigation, get statements, preserve and obtain evidence, and get your case going so that you can have the best shot at a full legal recovery.

After you’ve shortlisted the best lawyers you could find, seek a free consultation. You’ll hear about what legal options you have based on your particular case.

When your car crash lawyer gets to work, they’ll gather evidence of injuries and other damage in the accident. This is where you’ll share the evidence and testimonies you’ve collected.

Besides handling your paperwork and communication with other parties, your car accident lawyer will try to negotiate the ideal settlement for you. If your case goes to trial, your lawyer will try to prove the other party’s negligence and get you fair compensation.

Selecting a car accident lawyer

You’re welcome to a free consultation with us, allowing you to be reassured about our expertise in managing similar car crash cases.

  • Don’t just choose a lawyer based on the number of car crash claims they’ve handled because your case may go to trial. You want to know that you have a trial lawyer who knows their way around the courthouse and has a high level of experience.
  • Try to check how many of the car accident cases your lawyer has handled in the past with success.
  • See if that lawyer has been ranked in top publications such as The Best Lawyers in America, Florida SuperLawyers, Florida Trend magazine’s “Florida Legal Elite and The South Florida Legal Guide “Top Lawyers.”
  • Check to see whether they have published articles, chapters or books in the field, and have they given speeches or lectures to other lawyers.
  • Consider whether they have an “AV” rating (highest) with Martindale-Hubbell and a 10.0 rating (highest) on before hiring them for your car accident claim.
  • Hiring a lawyer who has been training other lawyers in litigating car accident claims is a good idea.
  • Go for a Board-certified trial lawyer because they have demonstrated the highest level of competence by the Florida Bar, and have experience and have passed a rigorous examination in their field.  Most personal injury lawyers are not Board Certified.

Remember to give us as much information as you can regarding your claim. Good communication and cooperation will increase your chances of getting fair compensation. As car crash lawyers, we strive to recover all your damages.


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