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    $2,100,000 Settlement – Boating Accident Resulting in Closed Head Trauma (Broward County, FL)

    When someone travels to Florida on vacation, they usually think of palm trees and beautiful beaches.  Sometimes they are here for the nightlife or attractions like theme parks. But nobody thinks they will go home with a brain injury. But that’s exactly what happened to one of our clients.

    John Leighton recovered a $2,100,000 settlement for a teenager who suffered a closed head trauma from a boating accident at a resort hotel in Broward County, Florida.  The young woman suffered facial lacerations and a closed head trauma/traumatic brain injury.  She initially did not seek hospitalization or emergency room treatment.  MRI and CT scans did not reveal any organic brain injury, but she continued to experience disorientation and difficulty concentrating.  These are hallmark signs of mild to moderate traumatic brain injury.

    Traumatic brain injury is difficult to diagnose and visualize on diagnostic studies because it often occurs at the cellular level. Even sophisticated imaging has difficulty measuring this damage.  There are some newer techniques, such as DTI MRIs and other diagnostic tests, but often a neuropsychologist in conjunction with a neurologist must diagnose a traumatic brain injury by history, testing and symptoms.  Fortunately our client was able to obtain state of the art medical care and was appropriately diagnosed so she could obtain treatment and regain control of her life.

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