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    Confidential Settlement – Wrong Leg Surgery

    Surgeon’s 2nd Wrong Leg Surgery Results in Settlement


    In what can only be described as unbelievable, our client underwent surgery for repair of a ruptured achilles tendon.  During the surgery, a nurse brought to the surgeon’s attention that he was operating on the wrong leg.  The doctor hastily closed up the “good” leg, and then operated on the damaged one he was supposed to be working on.

    After surgery he told the patient that he “couldn’t believe” how such a mistake could happen.  He apologized and asked the patient and her husband to understand that this had never happened to him before.  Two months later the patient read in the newspaper that this very same surgeon had entered a consent agreement for discipline on another wrong leg surgery performed shortly before hers.  She sustained nerve damage to her “good” leg that shopuld never have been operated on. This left her with constant discomfort and pain.

    She retained Florida medical malpractice trial lawyer John Elliott Leighton to bring a case against the surgeon.  He filed suit and pursued the doctor for the aggravated medical mistake.  A confidential settlement was obtained prior to trial. The surgeon was disciplined (again) by the Board of Medicine. Hopefully that was to be his last wrong site surgery.


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