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Confidential Settlement – High School Student Raped By Church Band Director

Churches, Synogogues and religious organizations provide a fertile ground for sexual predators.  Unfortunately the authority conveyed by a position in a congregation or church allows certain sexual predators access to children.  This is exactly what happened to one of our clients.

A talented 16 year-old student played in her church band.  The adult, married band director began spending time with the young girl. Then he began insisting he drive her to band practice. Eventually he engaged in sexual contact with her, taking her virginity.  John Leighton obtained a confidential settlement with the church and the perpetrator of this terrible crime.

This is one example of how child sex abuse proliferates in America.  Only through putting a bright light on such abuse can we begin to reduce or eliminate this destructive conduct.

Leighton Law is committed to protecting children by bringing serious and meritorious cases for sexual abuse on behalf of students and children throughout Florida.