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    $100,000 settlement – slip and fall on cruise ship

    One of the biggest attractions on a cruise ship is the pool and water sports.  Most large cruise ships actually have several swimming pools and jacuzzis in various locations.  Some have water slide sand other water features, making cruise ships at great risk for water being on the deck and floor surfaces.  Because they have created this hazard, the cruise ships must be vigilant about keeping walk ways and other traffic areas dry.

    Since we are located in Miami, the cruise ship headquarters for most cruise lines, we see many falls aboard these vessels.  It is the most common accident aboard ships. Sometimes it is a trip and fall, and other times it involves a slip on water or some other liquid.

    A woman on her honeymoon slipped and fell on the deck of a major cruise ship, suffering a torn meniscus in her knee.  The cruise line claimed that she had stepped in a wet area near the pool; the passenger said that the area should have been better maintained and a non-skid surface should have been applied.

    Despite a plethora of security cameras aboard the ship, the cruise line claimed that there was no camera that recorded the area where the fall took place.  This is a common refrain from the cruise lines.  When there is video which they believe is helpful to their defense, they somehow always find that footage.

    In this case there was enough evidence available that there was a wet surface where our client fell.  It is incumbent on the ships to properly maintain the flooring to keep people from getting injured.  You would be surprised at how many people slip and fall on each cruise.

    In this case, John Leighton obtained a $100,000 settlement for our client prior to trial. As cruise ship injury lawyers, it is our commitment to our clients to obtain the best recovery for them possible.  In this case we were able to maximize our client’s recovery without putting her and her new husband through a trial.


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      How much is :