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    Confidential settlements – defective energy drink – injuries and death

    Energy drinks have proliferated in stores in recent years.  These were followed by alcoholic energy drinks which contained high alcohol content, mysterious and untested herbs and roots, caffeine, and flavorings that rivaled children’s fruit juices.  The products were largely consumed by college-age drinkers but were subtlely marketed to underage teen drinkers.  Most of those consumers were inexperienced drinkers and unaware of the effects of alcohol, much less the fact that the drinks were laced with caffeine which made the user feel wide awake.  The combination of a fast, powerful alcohol rush with the caffeine and other ingredients often make the user feel invincible.  In a series of cases, John Elliott Leighton brought lawsuits and claims against the manufacturer of a popular alcoholic energy beverage after Leighton Panoff Law clients were injured and killed in motor vehicle crashes.  In each case, the driver had consumed one of more of these drinks.  The drinks themselves contained the equivalent of 3 beers in one can.  The cases were settled confidentially and the manufacturer has changed the formula of the drink to eliminate added caffeine.

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