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    $1,325,000 Settlement – Drunken Boater Kills Woman (Orlando)

    We have all heard about drunk and impaired drivers. It’s a problem society deals with regularly. The tragic results have been highlighted by groups like MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving).  But what happens when someone gets drunk and operates a boat or pleasure craft?  As you might expect, there can be catastrophic results.

    John Elliott Leighton obtained a $1,325,000 recovery for the parents of a 20 year-old woman killed when a drunk boater crashed into a lakeside dock in Orlando.  The drunk boater had taken several young people for a ride in the middle of the night on his high powered speedboat on the lake behind his home when he piloted the vessel right into a fixed dock.  The victim was a superior athlete and student who was survived by her parents.

    The perpetrator/operator of the vessel, who is now incarcerated for BUI (boating under the influence), is the subject of a recent public service video on safe boating.

    While bringing this to light helps make the public aware of the dangers of boating while intoxicated, our clients have to live with only the memory of their amazing daughter.  Drinking while operating a boat (or car) has lifelong consequences.

    John Elliott Leighton’s blog on this is posted at

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