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Negligent Security Seminar | March 2015

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    $24,315,980 Verdict – Negligent Security and Lighting Results in Shooting Death of Off Duty Police Officer at ATM (Orange County)

    John Elliott Leighton obtained a $24,315,980 verdict on behalf of the family of Officer Al Gordon for this wrongful death.  An Orange County jury rendered the verdict following testimony presided over by Hon. John Marshall Kest in Orlando.  Estate of Alfred L. Gordon v. Terry, et al., Case No. 08-CA-0002852-ORL (34), 9th Judicial Circuit of Florida, March 25, 2011.  Officer Gordon was robbed and shot after withdrawing $100 from an ATM at the Bank of America on Silver Star Road in Orlando.  The criminals have been convicted of first degree murder and are serving life sentences.

    Besides the substantial verdict, the Gordon family were afforded their day in court and had the opportunity for an Orlando jury to listen to the testimony and review the evidence in determining the civil responsibility in this horrendous violent crime case.  ATMs are crime magnets, but this crime went beyond what most of us have come to see in the news.  For a decorated police officer and loving father to be gunned down at a Bank of America ATM in Orlando, there was universal outrage in the Orange County community.  Officer Gordon was with the Orlando Police Department for many years, most recently serving at the Orlando International Airport protecting locals and tourists alike.

    Leighton Law strongly believes that by bringing cases such as this, the banking and ATM industry will add safeguards to protect customers from crime at ATMs and banks.  Otherwise the public will be left to fend for themselves, as did this fine police officer.  His family continues to mourn the loss of this amazing law enforcement officer.

    The Gordon family have mourned the loss of this fine man and, with the help of Mr. Leighton, have obtained a $24 million judgment against those responsible for his death.

    The case and trial received substantial attention by the media and news organizations.

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    – VERDICT – Gordon v. Terry, et al.1328632453.pdf

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