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$450,000 Settlement – passenger in car hit by Distracted Driver

A visitor to Florida was traveling in the back seat of a car on a highway.  As the traffic stopped because of congestion, the driver behind our client’s car did not and crashed into an SUV which then hit our client’s car.  John Leighton proved that the driver who caused the crash was DWD — Driving While Distracted.  Not only was it proven that he was on his cell phone at the time of the crash, evidence showed that he had an open laptop computer on the passenger seat of his car immediately after the crash.  Mr. Leighton has been a long time leader in the fight against DWD, having published articles and lectured nationally about this hazard and suggested ways to curtail this behavior.  Leighton recovered $450,000 for our client in a confidential settlement with the offending driver.