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    $3,650,000 Settlement – Auto Crash Causes Death

    When car crashes cause death, the family of those killed must live with that loss every day.  When the death is a child, it goes beyond a “loss.”  It’s a daily struggle for parents who have had a child who was needlessly killed because of a mistake by someone on the roadway. John Leighton has represented many parents who have lost their children due to negligence.  Each one is different. A unique loss for each parent. The one thing they have in common: the parent will never be the same again. There is no recovery. They carry a heavy weight for the rest of their lives. It is the part of their heart that is broken and can never be repaired.

    Mr. Leighton recovered $3,650,000 for the parents of a child killed in a motor vehicle crash on a highway.  The crash was caused by a bad decision by another driver, which caused a high speed crash and killed this girl. We obtained this confidential settlement and provided a measure of assistance to these parents who will never again hold their child.

    Car crashes that kill children are some of the most emotionally difficult cases for professionals because anyone who has or has had a child naturally thinks that this could happen to their child.  Because of the seemingly random nature, it doesn’t matter where anyone is from or what they do — an highway crash can claim a life at any time.  When it takes a child, it is the most tragic.

    At Leighton Panoff Law, we work hard to appreciate the sensitive nature of our clients’ needs when they have lost a loved one, particularly a child taken before their time.  Besides aggressively fighting in court, we listen to our clients and work to obtain a measure of recovery to help them, their families, and society. Sometimes part of our settlements require changes in policies or procedures, or the funding of a scholarship in the name of the deceased, so that their memory may live on forever.


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      How much is :