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Negligent Security Seminar | March 2015

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    $325,000 settlement – store clerk stabbed (Key West)

    Shopping centers can be magnets for violent crime and robberies.  Key West and the Florida Keys is no exception to the risk of violent crime.

    A woman working in a clothing store was stabbed by a man who had been loitering as part of an attempted robbery.  John Elliott Leighton brought suit against the shopping center where the attack occurred.  This happened in Key West, Florida, a tourist destination. Although this was not in an area considered “high crime” by most standards, it was frequented by homeless and vagrants.  There was a man who acted as a security guard even though he was not hired or paid to do so.  This was an admission that such a guard was necessary.

    Through litigation, Mr. Leighton was able to prove that the crime was foreseeable, that there had been a history of prior criminal activity, and that the shopping center had actually used this maintenance personnel to act as security guards but without uniforms.  A confidential settlement of $325,000 was obtained, thus securing financial security for this wonderful innocent victim.  D.M. v. Shopping Center, U.S. District Court, SD Fla.

    Shopping centers continue to be places where a lack of security can result in violence and sexual assaults. Leighton Panoff Law will fight for the legal rights of survivors of robberies, rapes and assaults.


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