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    $1,000,000 settlement – Head injury to minor child

    Traumatic brain injuries are more common than most people realize.  When someone suffers a shock, jarring trauma or blunt head trauma, it is important to have qualified medical professionals assess whether there is a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

    A young child sustained a traumatic brain injury as a passenger in a taxicab which was hit by another car.  He was a back seat passenger and unbelted at the time (not a violation of law). The impact caused a violent movement of the child’s head.  When his behavior changed, his parents took him to see doctors.  There was a debate about whether the boy had a medical condition or was just normal in his development.  At 2 years-old, testing is very nonspecific as there is a limit on what a 2 year-old can do with standardized tests. There are few accurate tests for determining cognitive deficits for children this young. The parents felt that the boy suffered from a delay, while the doctors were uncertain. We took on this family’s case and proved that this child did indeed have the aftereffects of a  mild traumatic brain injury from the car crash.  John Elliott Leighton obtained a $1,000,000 settlement on behalf of this young child.


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      How much is :