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    Confidential Settlement – 4 Death Boating Disaster from BUI – Boating Under The Influence

    Holiday celebrations are great, but when they combine with boating, alcohol, darkness and fast boats, there can be tragic results.  In the case of the July 4th celebration on Biscayne Bay in 2014, the consequences were disastrous.

    In what is now known as the worst boating disaster on Miami’s Biscayne Bay, four people died and several others were injured when the multitude of pleasure boats raced back to dock following Independence Day fireworks.

    John Leighton represented the family of a man killed in Miami’s worst pleasure boating disaster, the July 4, 2014 Biscayne Bay crash.  The crash involved 3 boats and 4 deaths; several passengers also suffered serious injuries.  Mr. Leighton obtained a confidential settlement on behalf of the family of a man who was a passenger on a vessel struck after the Fourth of July fireworks finished. One of the causes of the crash was BUI – boating while intoxicated.

    Because drinking and boating don’t mix, lives were lost.  Combined with a high number of boats all trying to get back to shore, all hell broke loose.  These kinds of accidents are completely preventable.  Instead, a family lost their son and several other lives were taken.

    Leighton Law continues to represent families of those taken too soon by boating deaths and people injured by pleasure craft crashes, including boats, jet skis and parasailing.


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