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    Surviving Resorts, Cruise Ships, and Hotels: Ten Tips to Avoid a Deadly Vacation

    Practice Safety First

    Ask a trusted neighbor to watch your property and report any suspicious activity to the police. Place newspapers and mail on hold. Leave a copy of your itinerary with a trusted relative.

    Never post information about vacation plans on social media. Keep credit cards and cash in separate locations. Make a copy of your passport.


    Attorney John Leighton’s tips include:

    1. Slips & Falls: Don’t assume the hotel/resort/cruise ship is leaving you with a safe place to walk
    2. Avoid areas where there are not a lot of people, especially at night
    3. Never let your drink out of your site. Never take drinks from strangers
    4. Stay out of the dark
    5. Never identify your hotel room
    6. Always use inside deadbolts, chains and safety latches when you are in a hotel room
    7. Always use the peephole before opening the hotel room door
    8. Cruise ships are floating cities which have no real nationality or law enforcement
    9. Engage in watersports with caution
    10. In swimming pools, hot tubs, beaches: avoid diving unless you are experienced and very familiar with the depth and facility

    Staying Safe On The Cruise Ship, At The Resort Or Hotel

    Mr. Leighton explains that you should use caution around areas that become wet and slippery. Watch for spills or frayed, worn carpeting.

    You become an easy target at night and in areas with few people. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests that vacationers learn about their destination and travel safety concerns.

    Spiking drinks is a common method of gaining control over tourists and a dangerous issue.

    Lock your room, and take the hotel keys with you. Always watch your surroundings.

    Use caution when engaging in water sports, or while using hot tubs or pools. The CDC reports that 13 percent of deaths of U.S. travelers abroad result from drowning. Never swim alone and avoid activities if you are inexperienced.

    The criminal justice system holds those responsible accountable when safety violations or crimes occur. Adhering to Ten Tips To Avoid A Deadly Vacation: Surviving Resorts, Cruise Ships And Hotels Is No Accident helps keep you safe, allowing for an enjoyable vacation.


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