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Sex abuse scandals bring institutional coverups to light starstarstarstarstar


John Elliott Leighton published "Corporate and Institutional Liability for Sexual Assaults and Sex Abuse" in the 2012 issue of The South Florida Legal Guide.  The article highlights the problems facing society with so many instances of sexual assaults and abuse on adults and children, and the fact that many institutions condone or turn a blind eye to such behavior.  This was brought to light most recently in the Penn State football events as well as the Syracuse basketball scandal.  Leighton has a long history of representing victims of sexual assault and abuse.  Through the civil justice system these instances can be brought to light and a system of deterrence created to put a stop to what has become multi-generational institutional abuse.

Mr. Leighton represents victims of sex abuse and sexual assaults, adult and child, throughout the United States.  In what can truly be said to span the continent, his successful cases include those from as far away as Wisconsin, Texas and Georgia all the way to Key West, Florida. The author of Litigating Premises Security Cases (West Publishing, 2006), Mr. Leighton lectures around the United States on issues of security and sexual assaults.

Each year John Leighton hosts a seminar series addrssing this area known as "Sex, Drugs & Violence: Premises Security and Safety."  The goal is to educate attorneys, victim advocates, and the public on how to reduce sexual abuse and violent crime on commercial premises while ta the same time providing trial lawyers with the sills and information on how to litigate and try these cases once crimes occur.  Bringing a voice to victims has been a powerful goal for Mr. Leighton for the past 26 years.

Corporate and institutional liability for sexual assaults – SFLG Jan 20121327088740.pdf