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Negligent Security Seminar | March 2015

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    Save the Date: Negligent Security Seminar this Summer in New Jersey

    John Leighton has been invited to be the featured speaker at a Negligent Security Seminar on June 1st by the New Jersey Bar Association in New Brunswick. He will be giving a special presentation on premises security, based on his book, Litigating Premises Security Cases.  He will also be participating in a panel of distinguished attorneys and security experts, will be offering insight into handling the matters of negligent security litigation and issues.

    The field of negligent premises security includes recovery for injuries caused by criminal assaults, rapes, sexual assaults, robberies, and attacks due to inadequate premises security, inadequate lighting, improper premises or building design, and other inadequate conditions in commercial and residential premises. These frequently occur at hotels and motels, malls, shopping centers, apartment complexes, schools, stories, amusement parks, parking garages, gas stations/ mini marts, resorts, airports, churches and office buildings.

    The concept of negligent security stems from premises liability, which simply states that a landowner or business owner has the duty to keep their premises safe and secure for tenants. This can range anywhere from keeping the floors of your business dry to prevent slip and falls to installing an alarm and surveillance system if you believe your property is susceptible to crime. It is important for business owners and landowners to understand and implement these statutes to avoid potentially dangerous situations for their customers or employees.

    Not only does this seminar promise to be informative for fellow attorneys, but it will also be beneficial for property owners. They will be able to hear from security experts on the issue of security assessments and how to best protect employees and clients from known dangerous situations or unsafe conditions. This will be followed by legal commentary by practitioners on how to handle, litigate, and try negligent security cases.

    Having litigated and tried negligent security cases for more than 27 years and have given numerous lectures on how to try these cases, this will be an exciting opportunity to again speak to New Jersey lawyers.



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