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Personal Injury Attorney

A Miami personal injury attorney has experience dealing with any type of injury or harm caused by intentional harm, strict liability or negligence, whether the third party is another person, an entity or a business. The attorneys at Leighton Law specialize in these personal injury cases and we’re ready to put our expertise to work to help you get the compensation you deserve to cover medical expenses, property damage, pain and suffering, lost wages and more.

Do I Have a Personal Injury Case?

If you’ve been hurt, you may be wondering if you actually have a claim to damages and compensation. That’s why it’s important to speak to a Miami, Florida personal injury attorney at Leighton Law as soon as possible. We’ll hear your story and determine if it qualifies for a claim or a lawsuit. For a valid injury claim, we’ll need to prove that the harm was caused by either strict liability, intentional harm or negligence.

Most personal injury cases involve negligence, meaning the third party did not show reasonable care and fulfill their obligation to keep you safe. We’ll carefully investigate the incident to prove these four necessary factors:
Duty of care, or the third party had a real obligation to show reasonable care to avoid accidents and injury.
Breach of duty, or the negligent third party exposed you to a substantial risk of injury, whether or not they realized it.
Direct cause of the injury, or the action (or lack thereof) directly resulted in your injury.
Real harm. We will prove that you actually suffered some type of harm from your injury, whether it’s medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering or even reduced work capacity.

Personal Injury Cases We’re Prepared to Take

A Miami personal injury attorney at Leighton Law is prepared to handle any type of case that involves a personal injury, such as:
Negligent security
Cruise ship accidents
Wrongful death
Medical malpractice, including failure to diagnose, misdiagnosis, delayed diagnosis, surgical mistakes, birth trauma and prescription drug mistakes
Dog bites
Work-related and construction accidents
Motorcycle, auto, ATV and commercial truck accidents
Plane crash injuries
Nursing home or assisted living abuse and neglect
Violent crime injuries
Slip and fall accidents
Retail store accidents
Defective products

Contact a Florida Personal Injury Attorney at Leighton Law Today

It’s important to contact us as soon as possible after a personal injury, once you’ve received medical treatment, as there is a statute of limitations on these cases. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can investigate the accident and gather evidence to make a strong case for you. This includes photographing your injuries, documenting the conditions of the accident, interviewing witnesses, reviewing surveillance footage and more.

Contact a Florida personal injury lawyer at Leighton Law today so we can put our experience to work for you to help you recover compensation to cover medical expenses, pain and suffering and lost wages. You have rights and you need someone on your side to protect them. Call us today and we’ll get you the compensation you deserve. We have personal injury offices in Miami and Orlando, and cover the entire state of Florida.  There is no cost to speak with us about your case, and if we take your case we do so on a contingent fee (no cost to you unless we recover money for you).