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    Pedestrian Safety – Florida Tops List of Most Dangerous Places to Walk

    Florida tops the nation in the number of pedestrian-related deaths due to motor vehicles and ranks as the most dangerous state for pedestrians. Florida also claims eight of the top 10 dangerous areas in the U.S. for pedestrians, according to Smart Growth America’s Dangerous By Design 2019 report.

    Learn about these dangers and what to do if you get hit by a motor vehicle while walking. Leighton Law has a strong reputation for successfully representing pedestrians hit by a motorist in Florida.

    Statistics indicate that between 2005 and 2014, the State of Florida represented 5,142 of the 46,149 pedestrians struck and killed by cars while walking in the U.S.

    Beth Kassab, reporter for the Orlando Sentinel reveals that in 2015, the local city council and mayor issued a proclamation declaring that people, and not vehicles, would become the priority when planning roads. Yet, the Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford area ranks at the top of the 20 most dangerous metro areas for walking in the U.S.

    Pedestrian Safety Tips

    Distracted driving, vehicle speeds, and driving while intoxicated are some potential factors related to pedestrian deaths. There are specific steps for you to take if hit by a motor vehicle due to these or other factors:

    • Stay calm and move out of the street. Get to the sidewalk or other safer area.
    • Keep the driver there if possible.
    • Seek medical attention for a clear assessment of potential injuries. The stress and shock of the situation sometimes results in individuals assuming they are not hurt, only to later discover they have broken bones, or other injuries.
    • Call the police and stay at the scene. Collect information from the driver while waiting. When police arrive, provide the best possible details of what happened to officers. Check the facts written by the officer.
    • Start an insurance claim and call an attorney.

    Leighton Law has extensive experience representing pedestrians hit by motor vehicles and aggressively pursues optimal recovery while litigating and trying every case. Attorney John Leighton has a long history of obtaining outstanding verdicts and settlements.


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