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Oops! Medical Mistakes Kill Up To 400,000 Americans Each Year starstarstarstarstar

Medical Mistakes kill hundreds of thousands.

If a jumbo jet crashed into a mountain every day of the year, would we blame the victims? If health care providers are responsible for more than ten times the number of deaths on the highways each year, shouldn’t we all; care about providing a system of justice to take care of victims of medical mistakes and provide a disincentive to commit those errors?

Right now health care mistakes are largely swept under the rug. There are few consequences for medical mistakes. Contrary to the propaganda put forth by the insurance and medical industries, there are very few medical malpractice cases that get to court or are even brought. There are limits on recoveries by those most seriously injured. And there are no consequences to the health providers.

The studies that are being published continue to confirm that more and more Americans are being killed by medical mistakes.  Here in Florida our population is particularly vulnerable because we have more seniors living here.  Florida medical malpractice is a common occurrence.  Florida malpractice attorneys like John Leighton, Max N. Panoff and Leighton Law, P.A. specialize in representing victims of medical mistakes.  Call our medical malpractice law offices in Miami and Orlando at 888-395-0001 and a highly trained lawyer will speak with you about your medical malpractice case.