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Most Arrests During Miami`s Urban Beach Week Drinking and Drug Related

This past Memorial Day weekend, hundreds of people flocked to Miami to celebrate the holiday during the annual Urban Beach Week. The weekend, well known to be the time for an increase in arrests on the beach, actually came to a close fairly quietly, but remains a reminder of the dangers than can accompany excessive drinking and large crowds. Of the total 414 arrests, the majority of crimes were non-violent, such as drug use and public drinking, but as a personal injury and negligent security attorney, John Leighton knows how easy it is for these kinds of behaviors at large events to quickly escalate into something significantly more dangerous.

The number of arrests showed a slight increase since last year, meaning more visitors and participants were potentially put at risk for personal injuries. Out of the 341 misdemeanors filed, drugs, DUI, and drinking in public accounted for a third of them. Drug-related crimes also made up 40 percent of the 73 felonies.

Leighton knows that proper planning and management is key for major events like this, where excessive drinking and overcrowding can easily lead to injuries. Last year`s event did in fact lead to multiple shootings, however, fortunately the number of calls to Miami Beach 911 decreased, and overall Miami Beach Police Sgt. Bobby Hernandez said it was “a very successful Memorial Day on the public safety side.” The police were able to provide a safe and secure location for visitors and residents alike, minimizing as much disruption as possible.