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Millennial Jurors – How Will They Change Trials? starstarstarstarstar

21st Century Jurors - Webinar 4-23-2015

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Leighton Law’s John Elliott Leighton will be the speaker for the “21st Century Jurors Webinar” for the American Association for Justice (AAJ) on April 23, 2015.

Mr. Leighton will address issues about how Generation X and Y (“millennials”) are changing the face of American juries, what their values are, and how jury selection might be affected by their increasing size and influence.  Mr. Leighton has researched the effects millennials are having on juries and venire composition, and incorporated his observations and findings into papers for the trial lawyers association as well as in lectures and trials.

To register and learn more about this program, visit or call AAJ Education at 800.622.1791 or 202.965.3500, ext. 8612.

For agenda and a preview, check out this site: 21st Century Juries