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    Man Wants Answers in Crash with Police

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    MIAMI (WSVN) — A South Florida man is demanding answers from police after his girlfriend was killed in a police involved accident.

    Marco Barrios will never forget the night of Oct. 19. “We were getting ready to go out and celebrate her birthday,” said Marco Barrios

    For Barrios, the night started with the anticipation of a birthday celebration for his girlfriend, 21-year-old Andrea Castillo.

    Her birthday would end in heartbreak. “I was in and out of consciousness. Everything is pretty much a blur,” said Barrios.

    Barrios’ black Jeep Compass collided with an unmarked vehicle driven by Hialeah Police Officer Raul Somarriba. The officer was on-duty at the time of the crash.

    Moments after the impact, Barrios blacked out. He said doesn’t remember much about the crash. When he woke up he asked first responders about his girlfriend. “I remember waking up and asking if my girlfriend was OK,” said Barrios.

    Castillo was severally injured. She died days later from her injuries.

    Barrios said, “I remember just holding her hand and told her a bunch of things, just me and her in privacy,” he said. “I had asked everyone to leave the room and I will just keep that between me and her.”

    Castillo was the daughter of new Miami-Dade School Board member Susie Castillo.

    Her swearing in ceremony was very emotional . “Mrs. Castillo’s daughter Andrea, an aspiring educator who passed away this year at the age of 21, is her inspiration in her for her new role as school board member,” said a board member.

    In the weeks after the crash, both families want answers from Hialeah Police.

    Police contend Barrios failed to stop at the intersection. Barrios said that’s not what happen, and he wants the courts to step in. “To allow us to have an inspection of the vehicles, to get the black box downloads. Get other data that the city has refused to turn over to the victims,” said Attorney John Leighton

    As Barrios continues to recover from his injuries, he wants to find justice not only for himself but for Andrea. “Justice. This can’t happen to anybody. One thing I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy,” he said.


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