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    Leighton Goes To Court For Nursing Home Deaths in Hollywood Hills

    Following the deaths of a dozen elderly nursing home residents in Hollywood Hills, Florida, John Leighton and Max Panoff filed an emergency lawsuit on behalf of firm clients. This took place in the midst of a local and statewide criminal investigation into these tragic deaths. Leighton has sought to protect the evidence of what took place at the Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills.  National focus has been placed on the  nursing home following a string of deaths that occurred in the days following Hurricane Irma.  The facility failed to provide air conditioning in the building, and with rising temperatures and ill patients, nearly a dozen became so overheated, dehydrated and unstable that they died.

    Despite being across the street from one of the largest hospitals in Florida, the Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills never sought emergency assistance or transferred patients. The horrors of this event have been documented by the national and local media.  Leighton Law has been on the forefront of seeking protections for these residents and the families of those who have lost loved ones. We will continue to advocate for the most vulnerable members of society.

    After the initial 8 deaths on September 13, 2017, several more residents have died, bringing the the total body count to 14.  The state has shuttered the nursing home and Medicare and Medicaid payments have been suspended.  The Governor has issued an order that all nursing homes must have emergency generators in place by December 1, 2017, which the nursing home industry is fighting.



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