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    Legal Malpractice Attorney Orlando

    Finding a legal malpractice attorney in Orlando is not easy. Finding a great attorney in general is not easy too. Everyone has their own experience and expertise, some have more work ethics than others and you be surprised that some are not really looking for justice. It’s a very stressful time when you need to find an attorney in Orlando or in your home town.

    There are some cases that a person was told things that eventually didn’t happen or not as promised and this can happen, but sometimes it borderlines with malpractice, and this is where you may have a lawsuit on your hands.

    Florida Legal Malpractice Lawsuits

    You can recognize a legal malpractice easily by following these simple guidelines. When an attorney breaches a fiduciary duty or the contract in general and this results in damage to the client, it may be a clear sign of malpractice. We define negligence as failing to behave or act at the same or above level of care that someone else in the same situation and qualifications will exercise under the same situation.

    If your attorney is failing you or fail to perform by this standard, there is a good chance of negligence here and legal malpractice.

    Your lawyer and lawyers in general must act in the best interest of their clients. They are obligated by law to avoid any conflict that may arise between them and their clients. If this is not the case the attorney may be in breach of the contract and fiduciary duty.

    You know you may have a legal malpractice case if your attorney puts his own interests or someone else’s other than his client. When the lawyer violates part or all of the agreement signed with his client, this is called a breach of contract.

    It’s easy to know when a contract is being breached simply by if one of the sides is denying a promise clearly made in the contract or fails to perform on his words. Please note though that failure to deliver the outcome is usually not a malpractice as most times you can’t know the outcome ahead of time.

    How to prove legal malpractice

    You must prove four major points in order to win a legal malpractice case:

    1. The attorney breached their contract by acting negligently or by not following through with the original agreement. If your lawyer also kept making mistakes that are easily avoided by other attorneys at his level or by the standard of a normal competent lawyer, you may have a case.
    2. The lawyer owed his client a duty to act properly and didn’t
    3. The client suffered a financial loss as a direct result of the attorney actions.
    4. There was damage to the client as a result of the attorney. This can be demonstrated by proving the outcome of your case would have been different, for example, you would have won if your attorney would perform at a reasonable level.

    Signs you should replace your lawyer

    legal malpractice attorney orlando

    Comfort and confidence. If you feel uncomfortable with your attorney or you don’t feel confident in his abilities. it might be a good sign to change lawyers. But make sure you have your expectations straight. While changing lawyers is pretty easy, you don’t want to switch because you had un realistic expectations and your attorney actually performed well. If you want to be updated every day on the case, you should have told your lawyer in advance so there will be no surprises.

    When you hire a service person, particularly a lawyer, you want to be updated regularly. Most often much more than what your attorney think you want. Lack of communication is probably the most popular complaint clients have against their lawyers. But it’s not really an indication of poor work being done.

    If your lawyer is not communicating well with you, it may be a sign of other issues, such as stretching his firm too thin and not being able to catch up with all of his clients, or maybe he just has poor organizational skills, maybe he just doesn’t care? There are many reasons for lack of communication. Not all of them are grounds for a legal malpractice, but could be signs to switch lawyers.

    Be active, don’t just sit and wait

    You should try and contact your attorney by email, or phone if you feel he or she is not performing to what your would expect. Don’t just sit and wait. The benefits of being proactive is that it leaves a paper trail and time line so that in the future, if you really have a legal malpractice case, you can show that your attorney was not performing. The longer he or she is unresponsive, the bigger the chances of the case.

    Changing lawyers in Orlando – Legal Malpractice Attorney Orlando

    If you decided to change lawyers, don’t think it’s a hard or long process. It’s actually pretty easy to do so in Orlando and pretty much anywhere else. A attorney client agreement is usually on a retainer deal and this means that the client can seek the help of a different attorney and if deciding to change, the new lawyer will take care of everything. This will usually mean calling the previous attorney, explaining why the client wanted to change and ask all the legal documents be transferred to his office. That’s it. The client will not have to ever talk to the previous attorney again.


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