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John Leighton Shares Insights and Advice on the Entrepreneur Podcast Network starstarstarstarstar

John Leighton Shares Insights and Advice on the Entrepreneur Podcast Network

John was recently interviewed on the Entrepreneur Podcast Network about his practice and his expertise as a trial lawyer specializing in personal injury cases. John spoke about how he chose his specialty, what the biggest misconceptions surrounding attorneys are, and how he differentiates himself from the competition.

He explained that the biggest lesson he has learned thus far has been to listen to your client. Many times lawyers find it difficult to listen without interjecting with their own advice and thoughts right away. But John stressed the importance of listening to clients before forming an opinion in order to understand their goals before starting the case. He also stated that he doesn`t take every case that comes his way because he is selective about the process. He advises other attorneys to really look at each case individually and think about whether or not a jury will understand it, because only then will one be able to get the best outcome on the case.

John also shared some closing tips on how other entrepreneurs can achieve success. His first piece of advice was to create a niche around one`s business. Being a lawyer based in Miami, it was critical to his business to create a specialty since there are hundreds of trial attorneys in the city. He also points out that differentiating oneself is essential to success because it`s necessary to stand out from the pack to reach one`s full potential. In addition to creating a niche and specializing in a certain field, John recommended participating in speaking opportunities to create exposure around one`s business and securing recognition as a respected entrepreneur.

To listen to the entire interview click the link below.