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    “Investigating, Evaluating and Trying Inadequate Security Cases” – Kansas Trial Lawyers Association [June 1998]

    John Elliott Leighton delivered a speech to the Kansas Trial Lawyers Association in Kansas on how to evaluate, investigate and try inadequate security cases.  Mr. Leighton, a national expert in litigating premises security cases, is the Chairman of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America’s Inadequate Security Litigation Group and frequently speaks to bar associations throughout the country.

    Mr. Leighton’s speech was directed to trial attorneys who represent seriously injured victims of crime.  The selection, investigation and evaluation of negligent security cases is the most critical aspect of security cases.  He spoke on how to develop the case and working with skilled investigators both in advance of filing the lawsuit as well as during the pendency of the case.

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    As Chairman of the American Trial Lawyers’ Inadequate Security Litigation Group, Leighton often teaches lawyers from around the country how to prepare, develop, litigate and try negligent security and sex abuse cases.  Besides throughout Florida, he has litigated security cases in Wisconsin, Indiana, Georgia, and Texas.  Working with trial lawyers from around the country is very satisfying for Leighton, who feels that having a qualified local attorney makes a big difference.  “Working with great lawyers throughout the country makes me a better lawyer but mostly it gives me an edge on the local issues that can arise, including selecting juries.

    In his speech to the Kansas Trial Lawyers, Mr. Leighton provided real world examples of how to enhance the value of these cases, as well as checklists and other processes to streamline the investigation and preparation.


    PDF of Kansas Trial Lawyers speech on Litigating Inadequate Security Cases


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