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    Child Sex Abuse In The Catholic Church – Florida Attorney General Takes Action

    Child sex abuse in the catholic church is a persistent issue brought to light over the past several years. Details of child sex abuse by priests recently sent shock waves across the nation and worldwide. Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi recently took action for victims of child sex abuse by priests.

    The Catholic Church has been proven to take known pedophile priests and simply move them to parishes elsewhere without alerting authorities or any victims. This pedophile cover-up has become one of the largest scandals in history.

    If you are a victim of child sex abuse, you likely want representation from an attorney experienced in these types of cases and who understands survivors of child sex abuse.

    Report of Catholic Church Child Sex Abuse

    On August 14, 2018,The Washington Post reported on a widespread investigation concerning allegations of child sex abuse by Pennsylvania priests and a cover-up by the Catholic Church. Investigation results showed that more than 300 Catholic priests throughout the state sexually abused children for decades, with the Catholic Church protecting the priests, and not the children.

    The Washington Post reported on a news conference held by Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, who stated that the grand jury reviewed more than two million documents, including “secret archives” related to the reports of child sex abuse.

    Florida Investigates Child Sex Abuse In The Catholic Church

    After the scathing report from Pennsylvania, details of child sex abuse perpetrated by priests living in Florida emerged. A week after The Washington Post reported on the scandal, the Bradenton Herald reported that a priest named in the Pennsylvania investigation fathered a child with a girl and then moved to Florida, where he served at a Palmetto parish. The priest, since deceased, is one of six with ties to the Diocese of Venice.

    Child Sex Abuse In The Catholic Church
    Image via The Florida Channel

    Florida Attorney General Takes Action

    NBC News reported in October 2018 that Florida is one of 13 states with ongoing investigations. The story included information that Pam Bondi referred to the abusive priests as “…A disgrace to the church and danger to society.”

    The Florida Attorney General set up a tip line, urging victims abused in Florida to use it. She further stated that victims have the power to stop the abuse from happening to other innocent children.

    To report current or ongoing child sex abuse, please call 911 or contact the Florida Department of Children and Families Abuse Hotline at 1-800-96-ABUSE.

    Managing Partner John Leighton Represents Child Sex Abuse Survivors

    John Leighton has represented survivors of child sex abuse for more than 33 years, realizing the particularly sensitive legal, emotional and psychological issues of the abuse. He successfully litigated child sex abuse cases across Florida and in several other states.

    Learn more about child sex abuse representation from Attorney John Leighton.


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