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Florida personal injury lawyers



    How much is :

    cr medical malpractice

    Record $24,100,00 Verdict – Birth Trauma – Cerebral Palsy (Seminole County, FL)

    What is the reason for many catastrophic medical mistakes?  Just like with airplane crashes and other major disasters, usually there […]

    $11,250,000 Settlement – Birth Trauma Causing Brain Damage (Central Florida)

    When babies are harmed during delivery, the consequences can last a lifetime.  When they are deprived of oxygen, they suffer […]

    $9,000,000 settlement – brain damage following surgery

    What happens when someone goes into the hospital for a “routine” procedure…but comes out in a vegetative state? That’s what […]

    $4,750,000 Settlement – wrongful death from medical mistake

    Medical mistakes can come in lots of shapes and sizes.  In this case a young mother of two went to […]

    $4,300,000 settlement – delay in treatment (Chicago)

    Cheryl Wiedenbeck was a book editor and mother of her two young daughters, ages 2 and 8 months. She developed […]

    $3,750,000 settlement – Birth Injury (Central Florida)

    The medical community knows that certain types of pregnancies have much higher complication rates.  This is particularly true where a […]

    $3,000,000 settlement – wrongful death (Citrus County)

    What happens when a doctor abandons a patient?  They are left on their own.  The other doctors and nurses treating […]

    $2,575,000 Settlement – Improper Medication – Wrongful Death (Broward County)

    The statistics regarding medical errors while hospitalized are startling.  It is estimated that 50% of all hospital admissions result in […]

    $1,520,000 Settlement – Neurologic injury from surgery at outpatient surgery center

    Outpatient surgical centers have popped up almost everywhere.  Touted as a way to reduce health care costs, these facilities can […]

    $1,510,000 Settlement – Mother’s Death Following Childbirth (Miami)

    The birth of a child is supposed to be the most joyous event in someone’s life.  For women, it is […]

    $1,125,000 Settlement – Death of Woman Following Delivery due to DIC

    How could a woman deliver a healthy baby in a major hospital and then bleed to death right in front […]

    $1.1 Million for Anesthesia Malpractice at Ambulatory Surgery Center

    With the proliferation of outpatient surgery centers (“ambulatory surgery centers”), more and more medical mistakes are taking places in locations […]

    $1,050,000 Settlement – Death of Disabled Child in Emergency Room

    Every child deserves quality medical care.  This is particularly true for children with disabilities and medical conditions. Our client had […]

    $1 million recovery for family of woman killed by gastric bypass malpractice

    With a large percentage of Americans overweight, many people consider gastric bypass surgery.  Many physicians favor this treatment as a […]

    Confidential Settlement – Death of man from neglect in emergency room

    When someone goes into an emergency room they do that because their condition is serious enough to get immediate, emergency […]

    $782,000 settlement – Failure to diagnose neck injury in ER

    Our client was a 52 year-old man who went to the emergency room with back and neck pain following a […]

    $750,000 settlement – post surgical infections

    Leighton Panoff Law’s John Leighton and Max Panoff recovered $750,000 for a woman who sustained post-surgical infections after the orthopedic […]

    $750,000 settlement – sinus surgery malpractice

    Medical mistakes can have deadly consequences.  When our client went to the doctor he was seeking help for a sinus […]

    $700,000 Settlement – Death from Bariatric Surgery/gastric bypass

    Bariatric surgery for weight loss has become very popular in the United States.  While it is one way to help […]

    $600,000 Settlement – Improper Treatment for Infection (Charlotte County, FL)

    An injury to a child is always a tragedy.  It is made worse when the people a parent trusts with […]

    $600,000 settlement – improper treatment of eye infection

    Eye infections are common ailments.  Most of the time they can be treated without any serious consequence…unless the health care […]

    $500,000 settlement – failure to diagnose cardiac condition

    John Elliott Leighton obtained a confidential $500,000 settlement for the family of a man whose primary care doctor failed to […]

    $500,000 Settlement – improper medication administration

    A 65 year-old woman was under the care of doctors for a heart condition.  The doctors changed her medication suddenly, […]

    $500,000 settlement – failure to diagnose lung cancer

    John Elliott Leighton represented a 68 year-old woman who was seen by a doctor at the hospital with a serious […]

    $450,000 settlement – Improper injection in arm causing neurologic injury

    John Elliott Leighton represented a man who went to the emergency room and was given an injection.  The nurse gave […]

    $400,000 Settlement – failure to prevent DVT

    A confidential settlement was obtained following the failure to properly assess and score a patient for the risk of DVT/pulmonary […]

    $325,000 settlement – plastic surgery malpractice

    A 60 year-old man experienced infection and complications following a liposuction procedure.  The surgeon, who previously had been disciplined by […]

    $300,000 settlement – failure to treat eye infection (Central Florida)

    Leighton Panoff Law represented a man who sought treatment from a doctor for an eye infection.  The doctor failed to […]

    $200,000 Settlement – dental malpractice – broken jaw

    A dental patient undergoing a tooth extraction sustained a broken jaw during the procedure.  John Elliott Leighton brought a case […]

    Confidential Settlement – death of woman due to cardiac procedure error

    A woman who was undergoing a pericardiocentesis for a cardiac tamponade was killed when the physician punctured her heart during […]

    Confidential Agreement – death of a woman due to a mistake in a cardiac procedure

    A woman undergoing pericardiocentesis for cardiac tamponade died when the doctor punctured her heart during the procedure. John Elliott Leighton […]

    Confidential settlement – death of woman from surgical error

    John Leighton recovered a confidential settlement from a major Miami hospital as a result of the death of a 32 […]

    Confidential settlement – wrong site surgery (Broward County)

    A man suffering from cancer was the victim of a wrong site surgery.  The surgeon operated on the wrong area […]

    Confidential Settlement – Neurosurgeon lacerates artery during surgery

    After an injury, a woman went to see an neurosurgeon about a surgical repair.  She needed a fusion of her […]

    Confidential Settlement – Fractured hip in elderly patient

    Our client, a 91 year-old woman with advanced cancer and dementia, was admitted to a hospital with cardiac problems.  The […]



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