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Capping Med Mal Damages = More Medical Mistakes AND Higher Costs starstarstarstarstar

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A new study released by the Center for Justice & Democracy reveals that capping damages in medical malpractice cases has resulted in more medical mistakes and higher health care costsThe research also confirms that there have not been increases in the number of doctors, as was promised by those urging “tort reform” and limiting damages of victims of such mistakes.  You might recall that backers of “reform” legislation which capped damages of the most seriously injured victims argued that doctors were fleeing states without medical malpractice limits, and that by capping damages more doctors would practice in these states. The research found that this was nonsense.  Ironically, the studies found increases only in plastic surgeons!  Most disturbing is the fact that the damage caps actually result in more medical errors and harm to patients and higher medical costs.

Of course those who have spent hundreds of millions of dollars to pay for lobbying to get these limits got what they wanted: more medical care needed and less accountability.  Americans, watch out what (and who) you vote for.  You may be the next one on the wrong side of the operating room table.

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