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    17 Bicycle Safety Tips For Motorcycle And Bike Drivers

    Florida tops the nation as the most dangerous state for bicyclists. Over the past few years, the rate of crashes involving bicyclists increased at a steady rate. Several detailed reports point to bicyclists being at an increased risk of injury or death, often the result of at-fault motorists. In this article, we will discuss what the data shows and show you 17 bicycle safety tips to increase bicycle and motorists safety.

    What Research Shows About Bicycle Crashes

    Recent research shows a considerable increase in reported bicycle crashes, causing both injuries and fatalities. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) indicates that 840 bicyclists died as a result of crashes involving motor vehicles in 2016.

    That is up from 818 deadly bicycle crashes in 2015. More than 70 percent of fatal crashes occurred in urban areas. When injuries occur, data may not reflect the actual numbers. The Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Center indicates, “only a fraction” of injured bicyclists typically report incidents to police.

    Within the state, the Tampa Bay area has the highest metro-area fatality rate for bicycle deaths. Several sources report that bicycle crash fatalities in Florida were 59% higher than Louisiana, the next highest state.

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    The May 2017 report, ‘Statewide Analysis of Bicycle Crashes,’ concludes that the majority of bicycle crashes in Florida occur during daylight hours, usually on Friday or Saturday, and in clear weather. Although some attorneys for at-fault motorists claim the bicyclist caused the crash, statistics show that the most severe crashes occurred with vehicles leaving or changing traffic lanes, or negotiating a curve.

    16% of Florida bike crashes involved hit-and-run motorists. Other causes involved motorists failing to yield right-of-way, careless driving, or disregarding traffic control signals. Motorists were the at-fault party in the majority of these crashes.

    Bicyclists and their loved ones likely need an attorney with experience in bicycle crashes.

    Bicycle Safety Tips

    Practicing these safety tips at all times helps protect both bicyclists and motorists.

    Safety tips for bicyclists:

    • Wear reflective safety equipment and bright clothing
    • Slow down when approaching intersections
    • Obey traffic signals
    • Ride on far right, four feet from vehicles
    • Ride at speed where you can quickly make complete stop
    • Signal when turning
    • Avoid riding on sidewalks
    • Use a bicycle mirror
    • Do not wear headphones or use cell phones while riding
    • Look for left and right traffic
    • Assume that drivers do not see you – make eye contact with drivers whenever possible

    Motorist Safety Tips:

    • Slow down when approaching intersections
    • Never fling car door open
    • Look back before opening door
    • Look back before opening door
    • Avoid texting while driving
    • Avoid speeding

    If you were involved in a bicycle crash and are in need of a serious attorney, don’t hesitate to call us.


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