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    Accident Attorney

    Every day we are put in harm’s way just to go about our daily lives. While we are usually safe, accidents do happen sometimes that may alter your life completely. An accident may be the result of another person’s negligence, although it’s usually a completely unintentional occurrence with the power to destroy your property, cause an injury or claim a life.

    Fortunately, most victims of an accident are not harmed seriously, although the unfortunate few are left with mountains of debt that’s created from lost wages and piles of medical bills. Accidental death can also leave loved ones with a huge burden, in addition to the grief and anguish. Recovering from an accidental injury can be a difficult road, although many victims have an important course of action to receive compensation for these problems.

    How a Florida Accident Attorney Professional Can Help

    If you’ve suffered injury after a car accident, or a loved one was killed after a collision, you have every right to seek compensation if the other driver was found at fault. Losses include both time and money, as your vehicle may need expensive repairs and you may have been forced to take unpaid leave from work.

    The accident lawyers at Leighton Law’s offices in Miami and Orlando can help you get the compensation you deserve. We’ll help you with the complex paperwork involved and walk you through the legal proceedings unique to Florida. If you’ve been injured, we’ll help you get compensation to cover medical bills, lost wages, car repairs and other expenses you’ve incurred during this difficult time. It’s important to realize that legal representation is important, even if you haven’t been injured.

    Seeking assistance from an accident lawyer in Florida may be the only way to protect the financial security of your family. As experienced trial attorneys with years of experience working with victims of auto accidents, we can help you through this difficult time and help you file a claim if you or a loved one has suffered serious injury, lost wages or expenses after an accident.

    Your Rights after an Accident

    Nearly all accident victims can recover compensation from the owner of the vehicle, the other driver or the driver’s employer if they are found at fault. This compensation is designed to cover damage to your vehicle, any permanent injuries you may have sustained and your medical bills, both current and any on-going bills you may accrue. In some cases, punitive punishment may even be imposed against the other driver as a punishment.

    If you’re contacted by the other driver’s insurance provider, avoid giving them more than your contact information until you speak with an accident attorney. The attorney who handles your case will work with the other driver’s insurance or determine if it’s best for you to go to court. If you’re contacted by the other driver’s insurance, do not give them any details about your injuries or expenses until you’ve spoken with a lawyer.

    Victims of auto accidents include the driver of the car, any passengers, injured bystanders or pedestrians and even spouses of injured individuals. If you’ve suffered injury or serious expenses after an accident, contact us today at no cost to learn more about your rights to compensation and how we can help you protect your family’s financial well-being.


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