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    Abuse of Faith – Sex Abuse Within the Church

    The Catholic Church remains in crisis after recent reports highlighting molestation, sexual abuse, and cover-ups. However, it’s not a crime isolated to one faith.

    Child sex abuse is a serious, persistent problem in society, and an issue that demands highly skilled, sensitive attorneys. Leighton Panoff Law represents victims of sexual abuse, including high-profile cases. Managing partner John Leighton has more than 33 years of experience representing sexual abuse victims, and he works with experts in the field of child sexual abuse.

    Church Leader Reactions

    Pope Francis acknowledged claims of bishops and cardinals sexually abusing nuns, with several media sources reporting that he promised to better fight the problem. These reports occur in more than one geographical area, the same as reports of child sexual abuse by Catholic Church leaders.

    One top cardinal admitted to allegations that the Roman Catholic Church deliberately hid or destroyed evidence of sexual abuse by Church leaders. This revelation came after the conviction of five top leaders in the Catholic Church on charges related to sexually abusing children.

    When Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi announced an investigation into the sexual abuse of children by the Catholic Church, it took less than 24 hours for victims to come forward with allegations. The investigations include all seven dioceses in Florida.

    The Houston Chronicle recently reported that more than 700 victims experienced sexual abuse by roughly 380 individuals who worked or volunteered at Southern Baptist churches over 20 years. One church leader called a group for clergy abuse victims “evil doers” in 2007 and called members of the group “as reprehensible” as sexual predators. He was not removed for his poor handling of multiple rape claims until 2018, the same year that another church leader resigned for past relationships considered “morally inappropriate.”

    Reports of child sex abuse also exist in the Pentecostal Church, including one case reported by The Columbus Dispatch. The article revealed the sexual abuse of several churchgoers by a church bishop who founded several Pentecostal churches around the globe.

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    Attorney John Leighton has experience successfully representing survivors of sexual abuse throughout the U.S., including throughout Florida. He has extensive experience lecturing on sexual abuse and sexual assault. If you or a loved one has experience sexual abuse, you do not have to suffer in silence. Contact Leighton Panoff Law, your local police, and the Florida Tip Line.


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