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$11,250,000 Settlement – Severe Brain Damage from Birth Trauma, Medical Malpractice (Central Florida)

When children are harmed by medical mistakes, they spend their entire lifetime paying the price.  Such was the case of one of Mr. Leighton’s clients.

John Elliott Leighton represented a young child who suffered severe brain damage from medical malpractice during her birth.  Over the course of a three-day labor, the child suffered oxygen deprivation resulting in her permanent injuries. A settlement of $11,250,000 was obtained, which secured the lifetime financial and medical future for this child.  She now enjoys the best medical care available and receives therapies that were never possible before.

It was only through the civil justice system that this young girl was able to restore any sense of control over her life.  The defendants claimed that they were not responsible and that she did not require the kind of care we represented she needed.  By obtaining a recovery for her, she was able to get occupation, speech and equine therapy, medications, augmentative communication devices, and medical care for the rest of her life.


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