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A Wonderful Day In The Neighborhood? Theme Park Sex Predators starstarstarstarstar

It’s no surprise that pedophiles are employed in theme parks and amusement parks such as Disney World. The prevalence of child sex abusers working at these types of locations that are frequented by families with children is not a new concept. Florida police have conducted a series of stings where they arrested several Disney employees for child sex crimes. CNN also investigated and found 35 different Disney employees have been arrested since 2006 for sex crimes with children.

Disney Sex Crime Arrests

During this sting, explicit messages were sent from undercover police officers to the arrested individuals where they visited a police-trap house. The workers arrested include a concierge, tour guide trainee, security workers and a ticket seller. Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd would like to be able to give lie detector tests to anyone who would work around children to determine if they are a pedophile. Proposed legislation would add an exemption to the Polygraph Act of 1988 in the state where these tests would be required of individuals who had a high probability of interacting with unsupervised children on a regular basis.

As a parent, you believe that theme parks are a safe place for children. This isn’t true anymore. The risk of sex offenders is often greater at places like this because pedophiles know that children will be there and trusting adults will bring their kids there. Pedophiles can be manipulative and smart, making them especially dangerous. Ultimately, the number of people arrested in these types of child sex stings is alarming and signals a real threat to children. By doing everything you can to stay vigilant and deny them access to your children, you can keep your family safe.

While parents can do their part by being aware of the potential dangerous people who lurk inside the costumes at theme parks, the businesses are in the better position to take the necessary steps to protect the people on a daily basis and to prevent these types of crimes from occurring.

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