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Woman Says Son Was Sexually Abused At Day Care

Kiddie U Day Care Faces Negligence Charges

POSTED: 5:01 pm EDT April 9, 2012
The mother of a 6-year-old boy is suing a local day care after she said he was sexually abused by another child while under the day care’s watch.

Online article here.

Kiddie U is facing a lawsuit for negligence stemming from an incident that happened in 2010.

The mother said her son was abused by a 9-year-old and that Kiddie U is responsible for not stopping the abuse of a child by another child.

According to the sheriff’s deputy report, the younger boy said they were touching each others private parts and that the 9-year-old was the aggressor.

Deputies said they have referred the case of suspected lewd molestation to the Department of Children and Families, which makes the information confidential.

Parents of children currently at Kiddie U said they have no concerns about their kids’ safety.

“I am happy about the quality of care here for my son,” said Mezo Riccio. “This lawsuit, I think it is more of a payday thing to be honest with you.”

State records show the day care has never been cited or had its license suspended.

John Leighton, the attorney representing the mom and 6-year-old, said the day care was not safe for his client.

“My young client has been in therapy and has been extremely traumatized,” said Leighton.

Kiddie U continues to operate as normal while the case moves forward to trial.