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Negligent Security Seminar | March 2015

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“Inadequate Premesis Security” – South Beach Security Conference [Sept. 7, 2006] starstarstarstarstar


John Elliott Leighton spoke on litigating violent crime cases on behalf of injured victims.  In addressing an audience primarily composed of hotel, restaurant and club owners and management, Leighton presented the scenario that such businesses face when they cut corners on security.  He discussed several ways to prevent drink spiking, which has been rampant in clubs, especially in South Beach.  The drink spiking is usually not discovered until the victim realizes that they have been sexually assaulted and the evidence is gone.  Many clubs are utilizing deterrent tactics such as imaging driverse licenses or using video shots of customers as they enter and leave.  Leighton also discussed the rash of violent crime against guests and tourists at Miami Beach hotels and ways the businesses can provide reasonable protection.

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