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Be Prepared as Things Heat Up for the Fourth of July

As the heat continues to turn up and with July just around the corner, everyone is getting ready to celebrate our nation`s independence. Parties are being planned, parades are being prepared, and charcoal and fireworks are being purchased. But with the holiday fun on everyone`s mind, it`s easy to forget the problems and dangers that can come along with it.

As a personal injury and consumer safety attorney, John Leighton knows how quickly problems can arise when there isn`t proper planning during a Fourth of July celebration. Along with being one of the most dangerous days for driving, there are several other risks to be aware of in order to stay safe on this holiday.  Below are some points to consider:

  • Traffic statistics show more teen drivers are killed on the 4th of July than any other day of the year.
  • U.S hospitals report that each year fireworks are the cause of over one hundred cases of serious injuries.
  • Most people injured by fireworks are fourteen to seventeen years old.
  • Without proper grill preparation, ingestion of cleaning brush bristles can cause serious internal injuries.
  • Improper parade preparation or oversight can put children in danger of being hit by floats or of animals getting loose.

So while making preparations for the upcoming festivities, be sure to keep in mind the safety and health precautions that should also be put in place during the holiday.  It only takes a little extra thought to plan ahead for any complications that may arise, and ultimately avoid dangerous situations and serious injuries.



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